Spring Roll (4) 6.95


Crispy spring rolls stuffed with assorted vegetables and vermicelli served with sweet chili sauce.

Chicken Satay 7.95   
Served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Crab Rangoon (5) 6.95

Crispy wonton filled with cream cheese, dried cranberry, crabmeat, and vegetables, served with sweet chili sauce.


Gyoza (6) 6.95

(steamed or fried)

Pork or Vegetable dumpling served with ginger soy sauce.

French fries with Larb flavor 5.95

French fries topped with dried chili and crispy sweet basil and spicy lime seasoning.


Shumai (7)  6.95

(steamed or fried)

Shrimp dumpling served with ginger soy sauce

Edamame 4.95

Boiled green soybean with lightly salted.


Tempura 8.95

Two shrimps and vegetables deep-fried to lightly  battered served with Tempura radish sauce


Takoyaki (5) 6.95

Fried octopus balls topped with bonito flakes, takoyaki sauce, and mayo.


Scallion Pancake 6.95

Fried scallion pancake served with ginger sauce.


Tofu Sticks 5.95
Crispy fried tofu served with sweet chili sauce topped with crushed peanut.

Wing (6)  6.95
served with sweet and chili sauce

Grilled Squid   9.95
Grilled BBQ squid served with spicy chili lime sauce.

Fresh Roll (4) 5.95

Slice shrimp with lettuce, carrot, steamed noodles, and basil leaves

wrapped with steamed rice paper.

Steam Mussels(8)   9.95 

Steam in Thai herbs served with spicy chili lime sauce.

Soft Shell Crab  10.95

with garlic and pepper 

Salmon Skin Tempura 9.95

Fried Calamari 9.95